One attempt to find out about the latest on Acer Aspire 4253 Laptop Review: Notebook For Students is still special to listen to the news anymore trend. If you listen to everything you find on the Acer Aspire 4253 Laptop Review: Notebook For Students special, it will not take long before you might understand.

After all this time the idea of ​​fusion of the public to listen to AMD, now the technology is coming too. Acer launches first to our country in the form of the Notebook Notebook acer aspire 4253. Notebook is equipped with fusion technology of AMD Brazos platform, the AMD E-350.

What is fusion?

AMD technology used in notebook technology the Aspire 4253 is the first fusion of AMD. Fusion technology there is the incorporation of the processor and VGA. AMD E-350 is a combination of a dual-core AMD processor with an AMD VGA (hd6310). AMD states the results of the combined CPU and VGA as APU.

E-350 AMD processor is amd launched the first APU. Interestingly, although the APU was composed of various components (2 cpu cores, memory controllers, and VGA), its size is quite small. E-350 AMD processors only have a size of 75mm square. Power consumption was quite low, only 18 watts. Reliability, it has to offer AMD mini package with a small enough price, so the result is an inexpensive platform, for students who have good performance.

Aspire 4253 laptop: designed for students

Based on AMD processor technology used E-350, the technology was actually nice to use to make a special notebook students. Good performance and low price are the key words such as Laptop Acer Aspire Notebook S3 Ultrabook Thin Notebook Best Price Cheap (Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik). certainly do not want the public performance of a laptop, right? which allowed the public likes VGA implement various film formats and even the game? it’s all in this laptop aspire 4253. Hence the reason why it presents acer aspire 4253 notebook with AMD processor powered E-350 special for students. in fact, it is accompanied Notebook HDMI connector also previously found in high-performance notebook. then, what kind of performance? check the test results below:


based on test results utilizing the Sysmark 2007, amd technology to help e-350 Notebook acer aspire 4253 it received exceeds the performance of 25persen Atom N550 Laptop. like unto series atom compared to the single-core technology, the difference becomes too much. below in more detail the differences in performance on a netbook with a dual core atom.

The proof, although the dual core atom has 2 cores and 4 threads, the netbook with the technology is still far behind in all aspects of the test. Atom dual core AMD can match only e-350 in the aspects of video conversion only. It happens because the number of threads her so much.

ability of vga (3DMark 06)

based on test results are very startling facts, the truth, the excess on Laptop aspire 4253 vga it can be on the pentium dual core pentium dual core P6000 & T4500. Do not distinguish the performance of the netbook vga. vga amd 6310 are available are quite far exceeds the performance of a netbook vga.

play video full hd (1080p)

play high definition video that is not easy to do things that a netbook. implement video 1080p (full hd) is impossible. even, much less any sense of confusion Notebook video play full hd. What about the Acer Aspire 4253 Laptop?

really, Notebook acer aspire 4253 does not feel any problem in playing videos in full HD in any format. for a player you can take advantage of existing vga, you are allowed to play any movie on the market today is not the problem. This is a convenience that is so rare for a package of low-cost notebooks for the students.

for instance you have a very good internet bandwidth, acer aspire 4253 notebook that you can even play streaming video for youtube hd through successfully.

testing of battery life

based on the battery life test results, is available Acer Aspire 4253 notebook can survive up to 275 minutes approximately 4.5 hours. Notebook regarding the use of 14-inch screen, dvd, vga have a good performance, and marketed at a price so cheap, it includes the test results very well.

cheap, powerful, and complete: the most suitable for students

Acer aspire 4253 notebook that is present in a very affordable package sales. thought you guys think that the price of 4.099 million RP, – still not allowed to say so cheap. however, like unto you watch that in the sales package that already exists windows7 starter, starter office 2010, microsoft learning suite, and various other software (including antivirus free), it becomes very cheap prices. all software is original software. so, you can feel safe when using it.

low price, software details, good performance, and good battery life. you do not even want to feel that in order to take advantage of technologies that economically while wearing Notebook. in the past, the combination of everything makes the Aspire 4253 Laptop Notebook so be best for the students.

has been shown that acer 4253 notebook with AMD APU technology E-350 can fulfill their daily needs with excellent performance and battery life is very long.

Ane hope you grow to understand about the Acer Aspire 4253 Laptop Review: Notebook For Students special. I hope the news related to Acer Aspire 4253 Laptop Review: Notebook For Students special benefit to you to decide your views to your wishes. (acer aspire s3 thin notebook)

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