Were you seriously like to know quite clear about the Acer Aspire S3: Ultrabook with Top Class Specification, you should go beyond the common view. The actual exposure will describe quite clearly related to what you need to know about the Acer Aspire S3: Ultrabook with Top Class Specification.

kinyis-kinyis created during the critical growing demands of notebook users also want a laptop device with a shape that is lighter, thinner, still powered also has an attractive appearance. light is also thin, is a matter that is not allowed in the compromise if you want a portable laptop also does not burden you because of the weight. powerful, because the relative utilization of a different device. charming, attractive because users want to display a willingness lifestyle.

The third lawsuit, allowed you find on acer aspire s3 which uses cutting edge design with only 13mm thickness which, when you look from the side will look very thin. performance offered by s3 acer supplied by ultra low voltage Intel processor that has been shown to have high performance despite only having a processor speed under non-ULV Intel core i.

acer aspire one case of s3 is also very beautiful in design with all the aluminum with matte silver finish. The third advantage with it, acer aspire s3 successful design also won the award in the event of technical innovation in 2012 ces (consumer technology tradeshow) that took place in january 2012.

acer aspire s3 using magnesium-aluminum alloy unibody chassis, which is meant here is the removable battery is also not allowed to blend with the casing. however you need not fear a time when the battery is damaged, because the acer service center has 39 locations, you just need to come also to claim the warranty or replace the defective battery with a kinyis-kinyis. talking about the warranty, acer give 1 year warranty for the device and battery, if you become dissatisfied with the warranty extension is allowed to spend a little. ultrabook specifications acer aspire s3:
processor: intel core i7 2nd-generation ULV 2637m
display: 13 .3-inch hd led, 1366 x 768
connectors: 2x USB 2 .0, HDMI-out port
storage: hybrid 500GB HDD + 20 gb ssd (as a cache drive)
card reader: sd card simplifies danmultimediacards
Webcam: Integrated Acer Crystal Eye a .3 mp camera and microphone
connectivity: acer invilinknplify 802 .11 b / g / n wi-fi certified, bluetooth 4 .0 + HSR
Audio: Dolby home theater v4, audio combo jack
os: windows 7 home premium 64bit
body: magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis
keyboard: full-size keyboard acer finetipchiclet

yes, s3 aspire ultrabook this time ane present to you a version that uses the Intel Core i7 processor has a speed of 2637m 1 .7 ghz with turbo boost up to reach speeds of two .8 ghz when required at the time of running software that requires more power. in addition, s3 aspire embed 500GB worth of storage is also worth a 20GB ssd drive as a cache, therefore aspire dapatmenyala s3 back in within seconds of sleep position.

performance testing

as representative of all performance tests that are considered true by the various institutions it is also the producer, ane uses Sysmark 2007 as a reference. This program is a mix of various commonly used software microsoft office Like a well varied program adobe products. for this test, which utilized ultrabook aspire s3 is a variant core i7 with 540gb hard drive is also worth 4GB DDR3 memory.

scores obtained in tests using high Sysmark 2007 s3 aspire as though it makes no use of a ULV processor. s3 aspire performance with ULV Core i7 is the fact that the second generation is allowed to make a tough job even if relied upon its performance also allowed to be aligned with intel core i5 processors non ULV.

benchmark suite is a mix similar to Sysmark 2007. it’s just that this software has been arranged for simulating daily work continuously until the battery is drained. for this test, which utilized ultrabook aspire s3 is a variant core i7 with 540gb hard drive is also worth 4GB DDR3 memory.

from MobileMark 2007 test results, s3 aspire to survive 338 minutes or more dari5 hours. These capabilities, combined with the instant-on battery is also in a very long sleep condition, aspire s3 worthy to be your friend on the trip. ane had the opportunity to test for browsing are 5 tabs via wifi also aspire s3 can survive for 262 minutes can also be used for watching hd 720p for 281 minutes.

of course, your experience with the extended battery is allowed varies, depending on usage patterns. in the conditions of use of a lighter application, you are allowed to obtain a battery life longer.

also testing video game performance

play video full hd still ane ujikan, even with the hd3000 intel processor utilization, s3 should not aspire to experience the same problem. in the testing, except ane are allowed to watch the video full hd allowed to be played with ease, the processor utilization was relatively very low.

intel core i7 processor utilization on s3 aspire intel graphics deliver enhanced performance hd3000. for the game, although not designed for ultrabook play games, ane it a try. Like a lot of mainstream 3d fifa game, starcraft left4dead also be permitted to be played rather well by Ultrabook Thin Notebook Best Price Cheap (Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik) it.

of course, with s3 you aspire to play social games jugabisa Like the facebook also available in the game even in the AppUp. com. so, if you will fill the spare time to wait for colleagues or customers in a café, just point the browser to facebook also continue your adventure with s3 aspire.

acer aspire ultrabook s3: increased performance

above result means that although s3 acer aspire intel core processor ultra low voltage i nevertheless be permitted to provide high performance also allowed to run various applications are also top-class 3D gaming is also very good. the survival of the given qualified enough to make you interested in doing business trip s3 acer also complements ultrabooknya with a charger that is also simple to make very light to carry.

utilization of magnesium-aluminum alloy casing strong chassis makes aspire s3 very solid feel when you hold so you do not have to be overly alarmed at the time took him to travel. casing with silver matte finish makes it aspire to be a very charming s3 will also make the people around you will be looked at. ultrabook s3 acer aspire you. for the price, acer aspire intel core i7 s3 denganprosesor in bandrol in the price of $ 999, not expensive for an interesting ultrabook with top-class specifications.

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