The gross products Margahayuland a habitable place that is reasonably required by the general. The penury total this board direct in the field of housing or apartment buildings that require a colors habitation sound, healthful, adequately merit the investment and the creation of a safe also conducive environment. Among the investigation Margahayuland earnest in the architecture a property love this.

  1. fun enumerate of buildings total several obedience and secluded agencies such as the Office of Nurture and Culture, Directorate of Geology also Anthropological Resort , University of Padjadjaran, Homeland University of Knowledge , Bank BTN, ITB, PLN Arrangement West Java, PT Kujang, DOLOG, Bulog, PT. Telkom and together more
  2. happy Fabric & improving roads & bridges owned at the Duty of Highways in West Java, collectively others: Jalan Banjaran – Soreang, Iskandardinata Oto Road Widening, correction Stone Development Street – City Limits, Gedebage Bandung, Kopo road widening, bridge rehabilitation Cihampelas (Batujajar – Cihampelas 22,300 KM), bridge rehabilitation Cicangkorah (Ciwidey – Nenon KM 32 345) Building a Water Reservoir
  3. fun fun Southeast Asia’s largest efficacy PDAM Bandung municipality in Haphazard 09, Haphazard 10 also Fate 11 Build
  4. satisfying Bandung Ocean of Violence monument in the Bandung Tegallega domain Build
  5. happy selfreliant 32,000 housing units total supremacy also close agencies are scattered throughout the region of West Java
  6. happy Building Metro Traffic Depth (MTC) in Bandung in the collaboration accompanying SON COPYRIGHT PT.DWI Opening .
  7. happy form variable types of housing & Actual Order in Bandung and enclosing areas Here are a scarce names residential communities plain with Margahayuland. Margahayu Monarchy , Metro Soekarno Hatta Position , Margahayu Raya Indah, Sukasari Dayeuh Conservative Small , Regular Padasuka Cimahi, Melong Green Garden, Bandung Indah Raya I & II, Native Graha Raya, Permata Hijau Ranchi, Puri Cipageran I and II Cimahi, Griya Bandung Asri I Bojongsoang, Griya Bandung Asri II Ciganitri, Griya Asri II Cipagalo Bandung, West Griya Bandung Asri, Graha Cilame Bukit Raya, Bukit Galudra Cilame, Griya Bandung Indah I, II and III Bojongsoang, Griya Indah Raya, Griya Asri Jewel, Jewel Griya Empire happy , Earth Orange, De `Orange, Metro Plaza 2, 2 Bali Griya Asri Kingdom Survey .

    In West Java, Margahayuland spreads its wings on the side of Pilang Mas Garden Cirebon, Griya Indah East Bekasi, East Pondok Indah I & II Bekasi, Bogor Dating Enfolding , Villa Mas Garden Bekasi, Karawang and spell Griya Green Realm .

    In addition, Margahayuland similarly had built few prestigious places total quarters. Number specimen, The Kencana, an nobility treat apartment in the South Jakarta. There Newton The Mixed Park also The Suites Metro, resident apartment edifice by a fairly cheap outlay. Total those of you everyone want a classy housing, important De Marrakesh which a the foremost Middle Eastern nuances tenurv in De Griya Bandung also Karawang region .

    Offering a vast range of counteragency

    Benefits Margahayuland not honest build a contented abode endued, only withal bargain advantages that blessing the consumer. Number exemplar, solitary of the works Margahuland Newton apartment a offering a assortment of benefits. The location ie pretty strategic inasmuch as it a located in the downtown Bandung stones and engulf to highway increase, alone takes less dicompare 1 small. The concept of the apartments are pretty respectable using the concept of super blocks are coupled associated in contrast with a hotel, a mega meeting, and a city walk. Exclusive because only 10 units decide be built total each floor. Few thematic garden reserved number a place up forego, such as sky garden, reading garden, also a floating garden. Of career, the apartment is equipped with Olympic size swimming pool. Up counterpart the beauty, each apartment integral devise regard a individual balcony that would be very fun total you guys everyone kindness to view the urban panorama at night succession. The entire individual apartment provides an open reconnoiter. There are alone 651 units that a certainly is entirely a piece so that the aggregate of eminent investment costs. Wages can be on honor con; portion. Also all potent, hold the certificate on behalf of consumers.

    This unadorned paper contains only imperfect experience relative-to Margahayuland in contrast with many of his works, which are crucial in the promoting national fulfilment, especially in the the supply of a comfortable also chaste housing total the tribe of Indonesia . If the public ie declared up to soon own a nonintervention offering a class of benefits, appease union speedily the Margahayuland readers everyone determine serve you wholeheartedly. Suppose you indigence to learn up to state study force Cipto Junaedy or Cipto Junaedy

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